What does colize mean for me as a member

Colize is an association whose members can share knowledge, experience and expertise. Through unity and making known through various channels we create a broad foundation for supporting Open Source. Colize has created installation manuals for a few carefully chosen applications too reduce the number of problems. All members will install the same basic configuration to reduce problems and simplify assisting each other.

Through this standardization the continuity of service is guaranteed.

If you are not available due to certain circumstances, then you or your client can submit a conciliation request at Colize, Within the group of certified members there will be chosen a suitable (temporary) replacement.

A completed configuration can be audited at the request of the member or it's customer. Based on a successful audit, Colize will assure the quality.

You can also ask for support or resources when a large project presents itself which normally couldn't be accepted, because there are several disciplines and expertise involved.
In short, as a member of Colize you're not alone.

What does membership mean?

There are three different types of membership:
  • Prospective member
  • Certified member
  • Supporting member

Each application is screened to ensure adequate competence before they are admitted. Only after achieving certification will the prospect become a full member. Each member is required to pay an annual fee of EUR 360,- (excl. VAT), which can also be paid in 12 installments of EUR 30,-.

We aim to organize a meeting two times a year. Guest speakers may be invited and the opportunity to attend workshops, training or education will be presented.

Participation also means that each certified member has the right to request an audit for providing the Colize quality assurance. These audits are centrally stored and are available only for the members, it's customer and management in case of mediation. Audits will be treated confidentially.

Furthermore, it's expected of each member to show involvement, actively participate in meetings or events and to try to answer questions of other members as well as possible.

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