Colize is an association by and for independent IT services companies, where both the members and their customers can fall back on the association for expertise and resources or in the case of a dispute.

For members Colize forms the backbone that allows potential clients, who are doubtful to go into business with a smaller IT service, to be persuaded by the collectivity of the association.
For the customer Colize means the guarantee that the IT Service has an organization behind him on which he can fall back on.

Originally in the Open Source community support was usually provided on the basis of goodwill. You were often dependent on a few qualified individuals and their available time. Colize tries to be the foundation for the Open Source provider, the customer and the supplier.

Colize becomes a solid association by selecting providers on basis of expertise and decisiveness.
For the customers Colize will guarantee a transparent and unambiguous partner in open source where the collectivity ensures flexibility and continuity.
Assuming a base platform (Zentyal), supported by each member of the association, Colize tries to create a solid automation platform with which every IT service provider can start. Expansions on the base platform, like Astaro (firewall) and FreeSwitch (VoIP), make more advanced configurations possible.

Colize increases the professionalism of it's member by requiring them to participate in the preparation and certification of standardized installation- and commissioning procedures.